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Advocacy Briefs


Child Requiring Assistance (CRA)

Compensatory Services

Draft IEPs

Effective Progress


Filing a State Complaint


IEP vs 504 Plan


IEP Delivery Timelines

Independent Evaluations

Independent Evaluations in Areas Not Assessed by District


Medical vs Educational Model

Out of District Placement

School Program Observation

Staff Credentials

Stay Put

Too Smart for Special Education?

Transportation for ESY Services



Form Letters 


Incorporate by Reference


Independent Evaluation Request (Federal)


Independent Evaluation Request (State: Massachusetts)


Initial Evaluation Request (State: Massachusetts)


Massachusetts Public Records Request


Massachusetts Student Records Request


Recruitment Opt Out Letter


Request for Staff Credentials (State: Massachusetts)


Transition Assessment Request




28 CFR Part 35  Americans with Disabilities Act, As Amended 2008


34 CFR Part 300  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act


34 CFR Part 104  Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973


101 CMR 330  Massachusetts Rates for Team Evaluation Services


603 CMR 23   Massachusetts Student Records Regulations


603 CMR 28   Massachusetts Special Education Regulations


603 CMR 46   Massachusetts Prevention of Physical Restraint and Requirements If Used


603 CMR 49   Massachusetts Notification of Bullying and Retaliation


603 CMR 53  Massachusetts Student Discipline Regulations


Council of Parents Attorneys and Advocates

Disability Law Center Massachusetts


Massachusetts Advocates for Children


Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools


Massachusetts Bureau of Special Education Appeals


Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education


Massachusetts Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee


USDE Office for Civil Rights











Form Letters
Advocacy Briefs

Photo by Raymond Earley

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