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   ​SPEDWatch is a grassroots, parent-driven,

   nonprofit organization using the strategy of

   nonviolent direct action to confront dysfunction

   in our special education system and secure the

   educational rights of schoolchildren with



"We have only one demand: that schoolchildren with special needs be given education that they are legally and morally entitled. No more. No less. No compromise."

Ellen M. Chambers, MBA

SPEDWatch Founder


  SPEDWatch demonstrates outside the headquarters of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 



   SPEDWatch meets with MHLAC

   State refuses to take action on behalf of students   

   harmed by noncompliance 

   Shawsheen Valley Vo Tec High School denied

   students to equal access to courses ·

   MCAS: Students with special needs continue to

   lose ground 

   Only 17% of Massachusetts third graders with

   disabilities read proficiently

Stop fighting the system.

Start changing it.

Join SPEDWatch.


Stop fighting the system.

Start changing it.

Join SPEDWatch.


Massachusetts school districts routinely violate the educational rights of schoolchildren with special needs, and our Department of Elementary and Secondary Education refuses to stop it. Schools and families are forced into adversarial relationships while children suffer the lifelong  consequences of needless academic, social and emotional failure    


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